About me

Hi, I’m Debasis Ganguly, anagram of led by assuaging or for that matter, ably degaussing. By profession, I’m a research staff member at IBM Research Europe, Dublin, Ireland. By hobby, I’m a chess player, a long distance runner, a nature enthusiast, and an aspiring globetrotter.

Generally speaking, my research activities span topics on Information Retrieval (IR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). More specifically, I’m interested in applying semantic relationships between text units (e.g. by embedding the text units in a vector space over reals) for improving various IR and NLP tasks.

My recent research interests include application of multi-objective neural networks for bias removal of classification systems. Check out our recent AAAI paper on debiasing.

My primary research project in IBM involves a Wellcome trust funded project that seeks to predict the factors most likely to cause a change in human behaviour. We are working towards an AI solution that will be able to make predictions about the likelihood of the success of a study (i.e. how likely it is that a given user group with certain characteristics with a set of registered interventions) is likely to change their behaviour.

In addition to the primary research project, I maintain a strong partnership with the academia. Currently I’m co-supervising one PhD student at the Indian Statistical Institute, the area of his research being privacy preserving machine learning.