Software Resources

Latest demo software at ECIR 2023

The web-based demo of the paper ‘Automatic Videography Generation from Audio Tracks’ can be seen here and the source can be found here.

Convertor from .bib to .md

This is a handy tool for the reseachers for updating their publications list on their home pages. I wrote a script which simply takes a recent .bib file of your publications (e.g., the one you would typically export from your DBLP page), and then converts it to a .md file.

You don’t need to install anything. All you need to have is a bash shell on Linux/MAC OSX or Cygwin on Windows.

Simply download the script and invoke it with

sh bib2md ".bib file name" "your name"

It creates two itemized files named and in the current folder.

For creating this page, I clicked on the Export bibtex option on DBLP to download the .bib file and executed the following on my Mac shell.

sh bib2md Ganguly_Debasis.bib "Debasis Ganguly"

Slides of Talks

  • Slides of the talk on Explainable AI, a guest lecture for the “Search Engines” course at the University of Padua. Youtube stream (slides).
  • Slides of the talk on Query Performance Prediction (talk available on YouTube at this link) (slides).

Teaching Resources

Resources for assignments of the “Text as Data (COMPSCI5096)” course.

  • A preprocessed version of Reddit posts for word embedding assignments (file).
  • The MEN dataset for word pair similarities (file).
  • A subset of the Glove word vectors (only for the vocab of the MEN dataset) (file).